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The Mystic Order of East Alabama Fiction Writers

2019-10-29 Mystic Order of East Alabama

About the Mystic Order

The Mystic Order of East Alabama Fiction Writers is a writers' group composed of six women: Gail Langley, Mary Dansak, Margee Bright-Ragland, Joanne Camp, Katie Jackson, and Marian Carcache. All products of the deep south, the Mystics live up to their name, finding wonder in the ordinary and magic in minutiae. The Mystics shy away from nothing when it comes to their craft, boldly delving into poetry, fiction, essay, biography, memoir, songs, recipes, and most recently, podcasting.


Our Books

The Mystics' books, each a collection of writings by the Mystics, are gorgeously illustrated by Mystic Margee Bright-Ragland. You can find Be the Flame, Not the Moth; The Ploy of Cooking, and Mastering the Art of Wench Cooking on Amazon and in select bookstores.


The Mystic Order Podcast

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for invitations to Mystic meetings, the Mystic Order decided to try their hand at podcasting, thereby bringing people all over the world right to the table. Join the Mystics and their guests in discussions ranging from roadside attractions to fantastical gardens. 

The Mystic Order Podcast is available on popular podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, SpotifyYouTube, and others.

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The Mystics are available to attend your events such as book club meetings, garden parties, book fairs, author celebrations, grand openings, or any gathering in need of an entertaining spark. Please contact us for questions or bookings.

The Mystics are active on social media. Keep up with Mystic news and shenanigans on Twitter and Facebook


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